I started this site over 15 years ago (back then it was fairly “cutting edge”).  Since then the paranormal world has exploded in the media and there isn’t anything new or groundbreaking here.  I’ve toyed with the thought of taking down the site, but as soon as I get ready to hit “delete” I inevitably get an email from someone looking for advice or just a place to share their experience.

I’ve kept all the old photos (just for posterity).  If anyone wants to forward a photo or story I’d still love to feature it. Although lots of experiences can now be explained (thanks to modern technology) there are still things that remain “unexplainable” – and I really like that.

So, please feel free to look around.  Don’t hesitate to send an email or photo.  Hopefully you’ll find something intriguing, curious, or possibly even humorous here.

Thanks for stopping by.


Below is the information from our original “About” page (just so you’ll know how this whole thing started):

A few years ago (long before Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, or any of the other paranormal TV shows) I discovered a “Ghost Hunting” class at a local continuing education facility; the class was taught by Vicki Isaacks of Metroplex Paranormal Investigations.  Always having been intrigued by the “supernatural”, “paranormal”, and all other things “unseen” or “un-provable” I jumped at the chance to hear from a professional.  The classroom portion was informative but it was the “field trip” that really peaked my interest… an actual ghost hunt.

We met up with our teacher and a few other members of her group at an old abandoned farmhouse in Terrell,Texas.  The farmhouse was built in 1850 and had been abandoned since 1945. The house and surrounding acreage belonged to a friend of hers and we were given free rein to wander around taking pictures and making notes.

I really didn’t know what to expect (I honestly didn’t expect much).  I was amazed at what I saw when I downloaded all the pictures.  Being the child of scientists I hesitate to say that what I captured were photos of ghosts (I’m not sure exactly what the orbs, lights, and mists are… for lack of any other explanation I’ll call them ghosts).  Seeing the results of my first Ghost Hunt immediately sparked my curiosity and since then I’ve been on a mission to photograph ghosts whenever possible.  Even after looking at hundreds of pictures (most of them free from anomalies) I’m still excited every time I find a shy little orb or bit of mist that has decided to let itself be photographed.

Hopefully this website will expand as I continue on my search.  I would also encourage anyone wishing to share their own photos to email them to me and I’ll add them to our section of “other people’s” ghosts.

Thanks for visiting!