I started this site over 15 years ago (back then it was fairly “cutting edge”).  Since then the paranormal world has exploded in the media and there isn’t anything new or groundbreaking here.  I’ve toyed with the thought of taking down the site, but as soon as I get ready to hit “delete” I inevitably get an email from someone looking for advice or just a place to share their experience.

I’ve kept all the old photos (just for posterity).  If anyone wants to forward a photo or story I’d still love to feature it. Although lots of experiences can now be explained (thanks to modern technology) there are still things that remain “unexplainable” – and I really like that.

So, please feel free to look around.  Don’t hesitate to send an email or photo.  Hopefully you’ll find something intriguing, curious, or possibly even humorous.

Thanks for stopping by.